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Ein Beitrag vom Nachtwächter am 22.08.2014

Recommended Aug 22, 2014


Report: Spec Ops Contractors To Missouri: “Never Guessed We Would Deploy A High Threat Team In Our Own City”


James Foley Beheading: What They’re Not Telling You

ISIS Abducts More Westerners, Promises Beheadings


The Italian Job: How Borrowing And Printing Lead To An Economic Dead End

The Schizophrenic US Housing Market In One Chart

European & Russian Stocks Surge Despite Tumbling Bund Yields

King World News

Grant Williams – Why The Next Mania In Gold Will Be Parabolic

Doug Kass – The Final Page In An Age Of Innocence

Armstrong Economics

Death of the Dollar

ECB To Flood Southern Europe with Trillion Euros

Paul Craig Roberts

Ferguson: No Justice in the American Police State

The U.S. Government’s Attack on Democracy

SGT Report

Central Bankers/U.S. Government Have Set The Stage To Bomb Syria


New Gold Window? The De Facto US Dollar Gold Standard

Marshall Swing on Cartel Slaughtering the Specs in Gold & Silver: “It’s A Time to Kill- An Orchestrated Massacre!”

Casey Research

Microsoft’s Mobile Comeback: Fantasy or Possibility?

Hang the Bankers

Australia’s NSA (ASIO) seeks spy access to global internet

American Thinker

After condemning Foley execution, Obama golfs

Student suspended for saying ‚Bless You“ after sneeze

Rescue mission to save Foley, other Americans, failed

Obama lectures ISIS on Islamic theology

Natural News

FDA conspired with Colgate to bury evidence of triclosan harm

Brazilian vegetable oil industries refuse to buy Monsanto’s new GM soybeans

Shift workers at higher diabetes risk, disrupted sleep cycles, and side effects of sleep medications

The Daily Sheeple

Liberian Police Using Live Rounds to Enforce Ebola Quarantine Measures on 50,000 People


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